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From The Insider Files of SIMON GOOSEY... Sought after goal kicking and forwards coach... and one of the most prolific goal kickers in this history of football...

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If you've ever had a wayward forward who's struggled to convert their set shots at goal -- sometimes he kicks straight; sometimes he can't hit the side of a barn from 20 meters...

If you've ever coached a team who couldn't buy a mark inside your forward 50 -- every time the ball goes in, your opposition defenders bring it to the ground and run it out...

If you've ever worried that the coaching you're giving your players is good enough to give them the best chance at success -- not just for this season, but for the rest of their careers as well...

Then here's good news.



In the next few minutes I am going to reveal t o you a level of forward coaching knowledge that until now, only an elite few coaches and players in the AFL and state leagues have been privy to.

It's part of a unique forward coaching program we've called "Forward Coaching Secrets", developed with the assistance of Simon Goosey, the record-breaking goal kicker from country Victoria and sought after goal-kicking and forward coach.

With this expert knowledge, I'm confident you really can transform your forward line and:

Add 1-2 goals to your average score per game this year,
Boost your team's goal kicking accuracy by 10% or more,
Improve your forward structures,
Increase your marks inside your forward 50,
Dramatically improve your forward coaching knowledge,
And give your players the best chance of success, now and into the future.

If you've ever wanted to improve your forward coaching abilities... discover some of the simple, yet advanced strategies from our game's top coaches... and give your players a real edge...

Then this special DVD program really is for you.

Why An Effective Forward Line Is CRUCIAL For Your Team's Success!

Goal kicking and effective forward structures are ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL in football, right?

Yet, how many grass roots coaches truthfully place a real emphasis on these important facets at training?

How many are holding back their players development because they don't know how to coach their forward effectively at training?

And how many teams have struggled to kick goals unnecessarily because their coaches haven't had the knowledge they need to develop an effective forward structure on game-days.

Which is criminal when you consider how crucially important kicking goals is to your side's success. Here's why.

REASON # 1 - 20% Of Games Are Decided By 2 Goals Or Less

Between 2006 and 2009 (four footy seasons), 13% of all AFL games have been decided by 1 goal or less and 20% have been decided by less than 2 goals.

An effective forward line can give you an edge over your competition and help you win these close games. This can mean the difference between making the finals and not. For example:

In 2009, ESSENDON scraped into the finals finishing 8th. They but won 3 games by less than 1 goal. If they converted just one less shot on goal during those games, they would have finished 12th.
In 2008, FREMANTLE finished 14th, losing 5 games by less than a goal and another 3 games by less than 9 points. If they had converted just two more shots into goals during those games, they would have finished 4th.
In 2007, PORT ADELAIDE finished second on the ladder, but won 5 games by 7 points or less. If they had missed just 2 shots on goal in those 5 games, they would have slid from 2nd to 11th on the ladder at the end of the season.
In 2008, PORT ADELAIDE reversed their previous year's trend and lost 7 games by less than 2 goals, finishing 12th. But if they had converted just 2 extra shots on goal during those games, they would have shot up the ladder and finished 4th at the end of the season.
Between the ten seasons between 2000 and 2009, 4 of the 10 grand finals played during this decade have been decided by 2 goals or less. In each of these games, the loser missed several gettable goals. Had they converted just 2 more shots at goal during the course of their games, the results would have been reversed.

REASON # 2 - Builds Momentum and Scoreboard Pressure

Kicking goals helps your team build momentum and put scoreboard pressure on your opposition.

How many times for example, have sides challenged other teams, only to miss crucial shots at goal and eventually crumble when the opposition scores a goal? And how many times have teams stop playing because the score has got away from them?

In the 2009 grand final, St Kilda dominated play during a the first half, entering the forward 50s 31 times to Geelong's 15. But they missed numerous shots on goal and only kicked 7.7 (40) to Geelong's 7.1 (43). Play was more even during the second half, however St Kilda continued to squander their shots, eventually losing 9.14 (68) to Geelong's 12.8 (80). If St Kilda had converted their opportunities in the first half, they would have gone into the second half with greater momentum and confidence and may have won the game.
In the 2008 grand final, Geelong dominated play during the first half yet only managed to score 1.9 (15 points), to Hawthorn's 3.1 (19 points). Geelong missed several gettable goals in the first half including a 15 meter shot in front by Brad Ottens and a 5 meter shot from a 45 degree angle by Cameron Mooney. The Hawks were able to wrestle back the momentum in the second half, eventually winning 18.7 (115) to 11.23 (89). If Geelong had kicked straight in the first half, they would have gone into the second half with a big lead and high on confidence, and may have also won the game.
The classic West Coast Eagles / Sydney Swans Grand Finals of 2005 and 2006 were decided by less than 1 point. In both games, players from both sides missed gettable set shots within 30 meters from goals. Had either converted their opportunities better, the result could have easily been reversed in both games.

The best teams can build scoreboard pressure early in games to arrest the momentum and demoralize the opposition. They also keep themselves in games with greater goal scoring efficiency, even when the opposition dominates play.

5 Ways Improve Your Side's Scoring This Season

Despite their good intentions, it's almost criminal to see community coaches neglecting goal kicking and forward structures at training - particularly considering how simple and easy effective forward training is to implement.

In fact, here are 5 ways you can improve your training right now:

  1. Coach proper goal kicking technique to your players to improve their accuracy,

  2. Give your forwards an effective goal kicking program to perfect their technique,

  3. Develop effective structures for your forward line,

  4. Train important skills such as goal kicking, marking and kicking to advantage at training,

  5. Practice your set ups and structures with your forwards, midfielders and defenders so everyone knows the other positions are doing.

These strategies are simple enough for any side to implement and see improvement with. All you need is the right guidance to ensure your giving your players the best training and advice.

Which brings us to the remarkable Simon Goosey... the record-breaking goal kicker from Victoria's tough Mornington Peninsular and one of the best specialist goal kicking coaches our game has to offer.

Why Have AFL and VFL Teams Gone To The Country Legend "Simon Goosey" For Advice?

I realize that people living outside of country Victoria probably haven't heard of the great Simon Goosey.

But ask anyone down in Victoria's Mornington Peninsular, and they'll tell you that Simon is regarded as one of the best footballers never to play AFL.

A football deity in Mornington, Simon had stints at the Richmond reserves and Geelong, where the likes of Gary Ablett snr and Billy Brownless kept him out of the firsts.
After a brief stint in the VFL, Simon eventually returned home to play in the tough Mornington Peninsular League, where he enjoyed amazing success as both a player and coach.

This success later opened the door to coaching opportunities in the AFL, first as an opposition analysis coach with the Western Bulldogs under the great Rodney Eade, then later as a specialist goal kicker working with some of the AFL's biggest names.

Simon's career is littered with awards and achievements. Here are some of his highlights so far.

During a senior playing career that's spanned two decades, Simon has kicked more than 1,910 goals (believed to be a WORLD RECORD). While playing in Victoria's tough Mornington Peninsular League, Simon kicked 11 straight 100 goal seasons, including two incredible seasons of 156 each.
Simon's set shot conversion average between 2002 and 2008 was an incredible 82.1%, almost 20% higher than the current AFL average, and higher than such goal kicking greats as Tony Locket, Jason Dunstall, Matthew Lloyd and more. What's even more remarkable is that Simon was able to maintain his goal kicking average well into his late 30's, leading to the tight angle pockets and bagging tons from as little as 120 shots in a season.
His status as a country football legend in Victoria was confirmed when he was invited to play in the AFLís EJ Whitten Legends Game for Victoria in 2005. During the game, Simon kicked a lazy 4 goals from limited opportunities in a forward pocket.
As a coach, Simon has won numerous premierships as a player/coach with Mornington. His remarkable success as both a player and coach eventually landed him a position with the Western Bulldogs in 2006 an 2007, in charge of opposition analysis for Rodney Eade. During this time, Simon also worked with the Bulldogs development squad, working closely with the highly rated Alan Richardson, the Bulldogs Forwards and Development Coach at the time.
In 2008, Simon worked a specialist goal kicking coach with Hawthorn, working with the majority of their list on the art of goal kicking during the pre-season. Here, he worked closely with Hawthorn's Forwards Coach, Damien Hardwick and got a rare insight into Hawthorn's training programs and match day strategies during their Premiership year.
In 2009, Simon moved to Port Melbourne in the VFL where was an assistant coach to the great Gary Ayres, a Hawthorn playing legend and former senior coach of Geelong and Adelaide in the AFL.
Today, Simon is the head coach of the mighty Frankston Dolphins in the VFL where is in charge of one of the most exciting young lists in their competition.
Because of his amazing achievements as both a player and coach, Simon was invited to play in the EJ Whitten Legends Game in 2005 and later to work as a specialist coach at clubs such as Hawthorn, Western Bulldogs, Port Melbourne (VFL) and Frankston (VFL).

As someone who has studied under many of our games greatest coaches and benefited from their experiences, Simon is considered by many to be an astute coaching mind in his own right.

In fact, his knowledge and experiences put him amongst an elite few in our game.

Even better, Simon has always been passionate about sharing the information he has gleaned over the years for the overall betterment of our game which he loves dearly.

Which is why he agreed to help us create "Forward Coaching Secrets", a unique 2 DVD set program for football coaches everywhere.

Disc # 1 is a forward coaching seminar with Simon Goosey, explaining his unique insights and strategies to a group of highly motivated grass-roots football coaches.

Disc # 2 features two more presentations including a) a video demonstration explaining Simon's set ups, training drills, goal kicking program and how to develop your training session, and b) a real life training session delivered by Simon to a group of aspiring forwards.

I'm convinced coaches at all levels will benefit from Simon's unique knowledge. Here are some of the secrets Simon will share with you inside.

SNEAK PEAK: Actual Screenshots of What You'll Discover Inside

Goose starts the DVD by explaining his exclusive goal kicking techniques, followed by a number of the proven set ups, training exercises and skills he's learned during his remarkable playing and coaching career.

Goose then takes the coaching group out onto the ground and demonstrates step-by-step the goal kicking fundamentals he showed Hawthorn, before returning to the classroom for more chalk board talk on forward strategy.

Then on the BONUS Forward Training DVD, Goose takes you through a number of his unique training drills and set ups for you to learn.

You will hear every unedited tip and instruction as Goose coaches the players through each drill, set up and technique. This isn't rocket science... but it is powerful and effective... all explained in simple terms by a forward genius.


SECRET # 1: An AFL-Tested Goal Kicking Program Proven To Improve Your Conversions

Why Goal Kicking Hasn't Improved

During the past 12 years of AFL Champion Data, set shot goal kicking has averaged just 60%.

In fact, the evidence shows that goal kicking is the one element of our game that hasn't improved over 100 years of football.

There have been several theories as to why this is so.

... Because mid-fielders are having more shots at goals nowadays and bringing down the average...

... Because zones and flooding means forwards are now kicking from greater angles...

... Because strength and conditioning coaches worried about player workloads won't let forwards practice their kicking as much...

The list goes on.

But truthfully, the problem probably lays with grass-roots coaches.

Let's face it, most young players never get taught a proper goal kicking technique - let alone given time to specifically practice it at training.

But one player who knew how to kick a goal as Simon Goosey, who's set shot conversion between 2002 and 2008 was an incredible 82.1%, almost 20% higher than the AFL average

If you'd like to discover the secrets of Simon's goal-kicking accuracy...

And teach your players what Simon has taught to AFL and state league players as a specialist goal-kicking coach.

Then I urge you: Get your copy of "Forward Coaching Secrets" now!

Despite his amazing achievements, Simon was an average goal kicker at best when he first started out.

So he studied the goal kicking techniques of great full forwards such as Jason Dunstall, Tony Lockett, Bernie Quinlan and more. He later adapted what he learned to his own goal-kicking and as the years went by, continued to perfect his technique even further.

After several years of hard work and refinement, Simon eventually became one of the sharpest set shots on goal in Australia and his accuracy became legendary throughout country Victoria.

Between 2002 and 2008, Simon was converting his set shots at an incredible 82.1% average, almost 20% higher than the AFL average, and higher rate than many of the AFL greats he once studied.

What's even more remarkable is that Simon was able to achieve these averages well into his 30's, leading to the tight angle pockets because of ageing legs and still bagging his tons from as little as 120 shots in a season.

Tales of his remarkable goal kicking feats grew and after his remarkable playing career came to an end, Simon became a sought after goal kicking coach working with a number of clubs and players throughout the AFL and state leagues.

One of these clubs was Hawthorn during the 2008 pre-season.

There, working alongside their then forward coach, Damien Hardwick, Simon worked as a specialist goal-kicking techniques, passing on his goal kicking knowledge to the Hawthorn players, including a champion forward line boasting such names as Lance "Buddy" Franklin, Jarryd Roughead, Mark Williams and more.

In what has now become football folklore, Hawthorn went onto play Geelong in the grand final later that year.

Geelong dominated play for much of the game, however wasted their opportunities.
Hawthorn on the other hand managed to stay in the game early on the back of accurate goal-kicking and when they were able to seize momentum, eventually ran away winners kicking 18.7 (115) to Geelong's 11.23 (89).

When you get your copy of "Forward Coaching Secrets", you will discover the same techniques Simon taught to Hawthorn during their Premiership year, including:

*** Simon's unique "Goosey Goal Kicking Technique", developed after years of research and refinement, and simplified into an easy to follow process anyone can follow to improve goal kicking accuracy;

*** A number of simple goal-kicking exercises to help your players perfect their technique at training or at home, by themselves or with a coach;

*** A simple goal kicking program for your forwards to follow throughout the year to continue working on their accuracy.

*** And more...

I personally used Simon's services during my time in the WAFL to help straighten up a wayward forward on our team.

Thanks to Simon, this player improved his set-shot conversion by almost 15%.

Bu that's not all. One of the coaches who attended Simon's forward coaching seminar raved about an experiment he did with his team of juniors soon after.

He started by first getting a small group to take 10 shots at goal each. The average conversion rate was 4 out of 10.

He then got the group together and taught them Simon's goal kicking technique before immediately repeating the test.

The result was an average conversion rate of 6 out of 10, an amazing 20% immediate increase in goal kicking accuracy without practice.

Another attendee put Simon's technique into his own game. He wrote to tell us that he found himself in a tight game, having 3 crucial set-shots on goal in the final quarter as a resting ruckman.

With the pressure on his shoulder and the opposition doing everything they could do to distract him during each shot, this player told us he simply went back focusing on Simon's technique and converted all 3 shots. His team eventually won by less than a goal.

This same player told us that he, like so many other amateur players, had never received any specialist goal kicking coaching and that as a result of Simon's advice, he hardly missed a shot on goal for the remainder of the season.

Believe me, these remarkable improvements are common, particularly at the grassroots level where this level of coaching knowledge is rarely passed on to players.

When you invest in "Forward Coaching Secrets", I'm confident that your players too will experience remarkable improvements like these and more.

SECRET # 2: Simple Structures And Strategies To Improve Your Forward Line Efficiency

What Champion Data Says About Marks Inside 50

Even at the AFL, only 14% of all scores have historically been kicked from outside the 50 meter arc.

This makes your team's disposal into your forward 50 perhaps the most important disposal in a game (aside from your shots on goal).

If you can take a mark of keep possession whenever your team enters your forward 50, you increase your chances of scoring and boost your side's chances of a victory.

In fact, according to Champion Data there is a direct correlation between a team's total number of marks inside the forward 50 and its ladder position:

The AFL's top 8 almost always rank in the top eight for marks inside 50.

How can you improve your forward efficiency and marks inside 50?

How about grabbing yourself a copy of "Forward Coaching Secrets" with Simon Goosey and unearth insider advice on your forward set ups, training and more.

Simply click on the order link below and we'll rush your copy straight to your door.

Over the years, Simon has been able to develop and steal a number of effective forward structures and strategies for his teams.

These strategies helped Simon improve his side's forward efficiency and guide his side to a number of grand finals and premierships as a player/coach with Mornington.

Simon was able to develop his forward coaching knowledge even further at the Western Bulldogs as Rodney Eade's opposition analysis coach and while working with highly rated forward coach Alan Richardson.

Since then, Simon has been able to work with other great coaching minds such as Alistair Clarkson and Damien Hardwick at Hawthorn and as Gary Ayres assistant at Port Melbourne in the VFL.

Simon's knowledge on forward structures and strategy have been proven at the highest levels of football.

With it, your team will be better equipped to beat defenders, take more marks inside your forward 50 and know exactly how your forward line is performing against the right key performance indicators.

Some of the insights Simon offers in "Forward Coaching Secrets" include:

*** Defenders with great closing speed are becoming more popular in football. Simon explains how forwards can deal with these defenders and beat them at their own game.

*** Space is incredibly important for forwards to operate in. You'll discover a number of set ups designed to maximize space and give forwards the greatest opportunity to beat their opponents.

*** Defenders always try to introduce the third man up in a marking contest to bring the ball to the ground. Simon reveals some strategies to prevent the third man up through simple leading and kicking strategies.

*** And more...

The fact is, even the most accurate kicking forward-line won't help your side if your forwards can't win possession in the forward 50.

But with these forward structures and strategies at your disposal, you will maximize the return on your forward entries and improve your chances of kicking a winning score.

SECRET # 3: How To Develop Better Training Sessions For Your Forwards

As the old saying goes, practice doesn't make perfect -- PERFECT practice does!

With all this expert knowledge behind you, the next step is translating it into more effective training sessions and match day performance.

In "Forward Coaching Secrets", Simon reveals some of the training secrets he's developed as both a community coach and from working with some of the AFL's sharpest minds.

The best part, they are all demonstrated as part of a live, warts-and-all training session run by Simon with a real football team.

There is also a separate session explaining the rationale behind each drill, as well as how to put together a training program for you side.

Aside from the goal kicking program already discussed, you'll also discover:

How to structure a forward training session for your side;
What skills to train for forwards and why;
How to involve your mid-fielders and defenders so they know what to kick to;
Several training drills and set ups, along with demonstrations for each;
How to teach your forwards to mark, lead and kick-to-advantage;
And much more...

Trust me, having these strategies demonstrated live on video will prove more valuable than any book ever could. You'll get to watch, rewind and even show your players how to perform each drill with precision.

Add At Least 1-2 Goals To Your Team's Average Score This Year

7 Reasons To Get Your Copy Today

1. Keep your knowledge FRESH... Stay up to date with the latest coaching methods used today.

2. Gain a GENUINE advantage over the competition... Put cutting edge strategies few teams outside the AFL and state leagues even know about.

3. Kick More GOALS... Improve your goal kicking conversions and forward efficiency.

4. Deliver Highly Effective TRAINING Sessions... Ensure your training methods are current and up to date.

5. Give your PLAYERS the best chance at success... Give them the tools they need to succeed now and into the future.

6. Learn From The Comfort Of Your HOME... Pause, rewind and watch it over and over again until it permanently embeds in your mind.

7. Money back GUARANTEE... Examine "Forward Coaching Secrets" without risk for 90 days and prove it to yourself.

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Based on the experiences I've had with my forwards and some of the feedback we've already received from other coaches, I'm confident most players can improve their goal kicking conversion overnight by AT LEAST 10% using the "Goosey Goal Kicking" technique.

Using the training drills outlined in this program, I'm confident this average can improve even more over time, just like Simon's did.

Even better, I'm certain a 10% improvement in both forward line efficiency and goal-kicking conversions is very achievable for your side when you put these AFL-tested strategies to work.

What does this mean in the big picture? Let's do the math.

Let's assume your team takes an average of 18 scoring shots on goal and converts just 50%. In this case, your team would average 9.9 (63) for the year.

But if you were able to improve their forward line efficiency by just 10%, you would have an extra 2 shots on goal per game from your forward entries and lift your average score to 10.10 (70). That's a 7 point improvement.

If you also boosted your goal-kicking conversion rate by another 10%, you would also kick 2 extra goals a game from your shots and boost your average score even further to 12.8 (80).

That's an overall improvement of 17 points on your average score. And if 20% of all games are generally won by 2 goals or less, then these improvements will certainly translate into more wins for your club this season, along with a healthier percentage.

Of course, these statistics are only pie-in-the-sky estimates. No-one can really know how much this information can improve your side's performance this year.

Your actual improvement will depend upon how committed your side is to succeeding and how much talent you have at your disposal.

However, I'm sure you'll agree that with this information behind your team, you'll be giving your players the greatest chances of success either way.

How Many Opportunities Will You Get To Access Insider Information Like This?

I have to admit, I like many other state league coaches around Australia called upon Goose's specialist forward knowledge at various times during my WAFL coaching career.

Best of all, his advice always paid in spades whenever I was stuck with a problem.

In the elite state league competitions, you are always blessed with having experts like Simon to call on for help. Sadly however, most grass root coaches don't have that luxury.

You could of course pay for an expert like Simon to come down to your club and deliver a "guest" Simon has.

But now you can have something even better with "Forward Coaching Secrets" and watch Simon share his unique insights, over and over again until it has been completely embedded into your mind.

"Forward Coaching Secrets" costs just $79.

It includes everything I've described so far -- the goal kicking program, the set ups, the drills and the training advice. The kind of straight forward information that is hard to get outside of the elite leagues of Australia.

Still Unsure? That's Why We've Created This 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If we fail to deliver everything we've promised here today in "Forward Coaching Secrets", or if you simply just you change your mind, just let us know within 90 days of purchase. I guarantee you will receive a prompt and full refund of every cent you've paid.

The fact is, I've personally put Simon's advice to work at my club so I can say with absolute confidence that the information you'll discover in "Forward Coaching Secrets" will be worth every cent of your investment and more.

Your team will benefit immensely, your coaching abilities will soar and best of all, you'll be giving your forwards the best chance of success, now and for years to come.

But don't take my word for it, put it to the test for yourself and if it doesn't stack up, send it back within 90 days of purchase for a full refund.

You can't lose either way!

Why Not The Best For Your Players?

Of course, you could ignore this unique opportunity and forget Simon's advice.

You could go it alone and chance your team with sub-standard goal kicking... risk holding back your players development with sub-standard training practices... and continue using potentially outdated forward set ups and strategies.

But why not give your players the best advice possible with "Forward Coaching Secrets" and exploit Simon's expert coaching insights, put your players on an AFL tested goal kicking program, make use of a number of simple yet effective forward structures and get more out of your forward training sessions today.

Remember, you'll get:

A revealing forward coaching seminar with Simon Goosey, explaining his unique insights and strategies to a group of highly motivated grass-roots football coaches;
A recording of Simon delivering a real training session with a group of forwards;
A video demonstration of a number of drills, strategies and set up, including advice on how to structure your training;
An in-depth explanation of the "Goosey Goal Kicking" technique as provided to a number of AFL and state league clubs and players, including Hawthorn during their 2008 premiership;
A simple yet effective goal kicking program for your players to follow;
And much more.

To get your copy of "Forward Coaching Secrets" delivered to your door via Australia Post, simply click on the order link below and get everything I've described on this page and more with.

If you're truly serious about your coaching, then I urge you - take advantage of Simon's knowledge today and get your copy of "Forward Coaching Secrets" today!
Yours for better football.

Wishing you the best for the season.


David Johnson - Coach AFL

PS. I caught up with an old playing colleague of mine the other day. When we played together, he was just beginning his senior career as I was finishing mine. I asked how our old club was going and he told me they were going great, but that the game had changed since my playing days.

I asked him in what way, and he told me that there seems to a lot more set plays nowadays, especially at stoppages. He then told me how teams were playing stoppages now and it bought a rye smile to my face as it was pretty much what the ex-Dockers Ruck coach Simon Eastaugh revealed in our "Secrets to Winning Stoppages" DVD.

It's been a humbling experience to see our unique coaching DVDs influence grassroots football as much as it has... And our "Forward Coaching Secrets" by Simon Goosey is set to revolutionize grassroots coaching even further.

So why not click on the order link below and get your copy today. Because as what has happened with stoppages, this DVD is set to raise the standard on forward coaching at the grassroots level and you don't want to be left behind.

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Please rush me Simon Goosey's breakthrough training program for forwards, revealing the same techniques and strategies that have helped Simon kick around 1,910 goals in his senior football career (believed to be a world record)... at greater than 80% conversion rate... and which he's learnt from working with some of the AFL's top forward coaches... and Gary Ayres at Port Melbourne in the VFL...
I also understand that my investment is also 100% protected by a money back guarantee. I can try "Forward Coaching Secrets" risk free for a full 90 days and if at any time, I am not 100% satisfied, I can return it for a full no-questions-asked refund.

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